Round Up Ready

Sundays are going to be reserved for rounding up interesting stories that happened during the week.

First up, science stories, this weeks collection of stories deal with being debunked.

Tracks from a neutrino event, beautiful as they are, neutrinos are not faster than light.

  • While the arsenic-based life story got a lot of press last year, it seems that there hasn’t been nearly as much attention paid (read: press conferences) to the fact that it has pretty much been debunked.
  • Similarly there was lots of coverage of the reported faster than light neutrinos, but these results were met with more scrutiny, which proved to be warranted given this weeks findings of a loose fiber optic cable.
  • Lastly in a bit of good news, thanks to a forgetful squirrel, Russian scientists were able to grow an arctic flower, from a 30 000 year old seed. Previously, lupines were germinated from seeds in a 10,000-year-old lemming burrow found by a gold miner in the Yukon. But that claim was debunked by carbon dating.

On the lighter side of things

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