Round Up Ready

One of the main stories that has been going around this week has been regarding a video called KONY 2012 from the group Invisible Children, and the various reactions and opinions to that video. There has been quite a discussion about the merits of this video and indeed to the group themselves, and one of the most in depth and comprehensive response/criticism comes from Mark Kersten at Justice in Conflict, definitely worth a read.

Other posts relating to KONY 2012

Pleas to not reduce Uganda to a meme; followed by a parody of a previous meme

Responses from medical aid workers, as well as African writers

A lot of what has been said about the age of viral activism, reminds me of this weeks episode of 30 Rock.

In other news, today is the one year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster

This looks like a very interesting documentary with a neat perspective on the disaster

I will talk more about Japan in tomorrows post.

Lastly, to round up bird week, here are some interesting bird stories from this week

Beautifully illustrated migration patterns

Condor cam reveals hatching to be happening this weekend

Poor stressed out little birds

Portlandia’s influence makes it to the NBA


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