Round-Up Ready

A day late, but here they are none the less, a spattering of stories that caught my interest last week.

The Lorax movie promotional materials almost introduces non-native species to Hawaii.

The trufula trees are not native to Hawaii

While on the topic of The Lorax, here is an interesting article about the rights of trees.

Talking of trees rights, if you are looking for a feel good animal rights story, no such Luck.

From animal rights, to the right to open access in scientific publishing gets 8,000+ supporters

Taking open access to a new level, a researcher tracks his own biomarkers and watches as type II diabetes develops.

Speaking of diabetes, here is a video using donuts and chocolate bars to explain how a particle accelerator works, and a map showing the regional differences between “pop”, “soda”, and “coke”.

And lastly, speaking of differences, here are some really different and innovative tent and sleeping bag designs, which are part hammock (I know that last leap is a bit of a stretch).


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