Hot Dogging

Buddy, 5 time champing and inaugural inductee into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame

One of my favourite things to watch are dog surfing competitions. I think it is near impossible not to smile while watching one. The most celebrated dog in the world of dog surfing is Buddy. He is a Jack Russell terrier and has won the Surf Dog-a-Thon at Del Mar, California, a record 5 times, and has become the first dog inducted into the Surf Dog Hall of fame (apparently an actual thing).

What I find equally enjoyable is that other animals are making waves in the world of pet surfing, including; rats, cats, ducks, goats, llamas, and sheep!

And even more interesting is that some animals are surfing all on their own, without the help of boards or loving(?) owners. Dolphins surfing in waves or wakes of boats is result of natural behaviour adapted from swimming in a mothers’ “slip stream” when they are calves. Very tubular.



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