Surf Sessions

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was in Florida for the past week on a little vacation. I wanted to put up one last surfing post before getting into this weeks topic (Florida), so here goes.

Along with the sense of environmental responsibility, the lifestyle, the fashion, and the food, surf culture also has great music. Early music from Dick DaleThe Beach Boys, and Jan and Dean, set the tone for what would define surf music (Top 100 Surf Songs *note music starts playing when you open the link). Surf music has also evolved to be a little more laid back, less reverb, and less poppy, as exemplified by Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankenreiter. Not all surf music is laid back, the infusion of ska and even metal has made for some very upbeat songs. My favourite surf song of all time comes from the Canadian band, The Planet Smashers.

“Surfin’ in Tofino” is the most played song in my itunes library, in no small part due to my instance on playing it repeatedly on a road trip up  to Tofino a couple of summers ago.

Ending a surf session with Manni at Tofino's Long Beach

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