Road Trip Rhythms

The drive down to Florida was 21 hours, so it afforded the opportunity to listen to lots of great music and podcasts. So here is a quick sampling of my top 5 favourite podcasts (and great individual episodes) that got heavy rotation on the drive to and from Florida

  1. This American Life (Retraction)
  2. Radiolab (The Turing Problem)
  3. Nerdist (Danica McKellar)
  4. Sklarboro Country (Taran Killam)
  5. Star Talk (Cosmic Cuisine)

The Danica McKellar episode of the Nerdist podcast talked about Tom Lehrer and his genius songs, and she sang a portion of “The Countries of the World”, so below is the Animaniacs rendition of the countries of the world,

And Daniel Radcliffe, letting his inner nerd fly singing “The Elements Song”



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