Round Up Ready- Lego Edition

The past couple of weeks I have noticed a lot of Lego related stories on the web, here is a sampling.

Have you ever wondered how many Lego blocks it would take to build the exterior of the Whitehouse? 158,783,167. Here is the tool so you can try it out for yourself. And some actual buildings have even gotten a Lego facelift.

To go with the buildings re-created in Lego, here are some famous movie scenes that have been Lego-ized. Set phasers to FUN, famous Star Trek props have also been given the Lego treatment.

Lego for kids, then (left), Lego for girls, now (right)

Back in May, Lego unveiled Lego for Girls– to some controversy. The criticism stems from the female figurines’ figures, outfits, place of employment, and perhaps most insultingly the ease of construction of the sets. In the wake of this controversy there was a great four part series on the history of gendering in Lego, it is a neat read – part 123, and 4.

Maybe it was endless hours playing and creating with those Lego blocks that inspired these scientists to create this effective and innovative machine that grows bones!

And on that note, lets kick off this weeks’ theme…Robots!

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