Fab 5 vs. the Magnificent 7

16 years ago I was with my family on Onset Island and we were all completely enthralled with the Atlanta Olympic Games. One of my favorite memories of those Games was watching the US women’s gymnastics team make history by winning the team gold medal, the first time the US had ever won it.

Kerri Strugg on SNL

This was one of the many amazing stories to come out of those Games, and those girls became known as the Magnificent 7, and were turned into household names and pop culture icons.

Plaque in Atlanta’s Olympic Park




Earlier this year I had the chance to go to Atlanta and visit the Olympic Park, and the plaque commemorating the Magnificent 7’s win, brought back a flood of wonderful Olympic memories.

Tonight, the US Women’s team won gold for the first time since Atlanta, and sure enough those great Olympic memories came flooding back. We will have to wait until after the London Games are over to determine whether this group of athletes, known as The Fab 5, will have the same cultural impact as the Magnificent 7, for me, maybe it was just the difference between watching the 1996 Games with family around a small TV (which looked strikingly similar to this), and watching the 2012 Games on a computer, the win today just doesn’t resonate as strongly.

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