Round Up Ready – Halloween Edition

Kale Face!!

Happy Halloween! Here are a couple of things from around the web to help you have a spooky day.

If you are in the mood for nerdy/awesome tricks, check out this collection of math, chemistry, and physics related Halloween videos.

Equally as important as the tricks, are the treats, and nothing says Halloween treat quite like kale. Mmmm kale.

Oddly enough, kale doesn’t appear on Boing Boing’s chart of Candy Hierarchy.

Pleated Jeans offers an important tip regarding candy, don’t give raisins as candy, especially to bears.

Bears are pretty scary, they are learning to use tools, not only to exfoliate, but also to SMASH. Bears are proving that they are smarter than we thought, they are capable of counting, hopefully they stay clear of the Vampire Numbers.

Bears aren’t the only thing to be afraid of this Halloween, be afraid of mites. Currently, there are tiny bugs closely related to spiders living in the pores of your face, called Demodex mites. These mites crawl about your face, eating the cells that line follicles, they have sex, lay eggs in your pores, then die and release a burst of poo, because they don’t have an anus. Terrifying.

One way to combat mites (not Demodex mites, but common dust mites) is to keep a messy bed, as dust mites find it inhospitable. So don’t make your bed, and just rest your head on your pillowcase, or a toilet seat, there isn’t much difference between the two…at least in terms of microbial community.

Clearly the animal kingdom is…


…frightening, David Quammen’s new book Spillover, outlines how the next big and murderous human pandemic, will most likely be a killer pathogen, a virus, that will spill over into humans from a nonhuman animal.

…and kind of gross/beautiful. Like when Sea Lice devour a pig from the inside out. After watching that video, I can’t help but think of zombies. Interestingly there is an article about zombies and volleyball, and how the bystander effect might keep you safe during a zombie apocalypse.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween, filled with lots of kale candy, spooky songs, and some scary movies, and if you don’t have time or are too scared to watch a scary movie, here is a clip of the 100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All Time, (Not Safe For Work — language and gore). Happy Halloween!


One thought on “Round Up Ready – Halloween Edition

  1. House dust mites can trigger respiratory or dermatological conditions including asthma and eczema.The main component of dust is shed skin flakes, which is the mite’s preferred food source. Areas around the home that are heavily used, such as beds, carpet and upholstered furniture, will have much higher mite populations than the rest of the house.`

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