Round Up Ready – Disaster Relief Edition

Hurricane Sandy, as seen from the International Space Station on October 29th

Hurricane, and subsequent Superstorm, Sandy swept through Haiti, Cuba, and the North Eastern United States, resulting in loss of life and damages that are still being assessed (look at these devastating before and after photos). In many places the power is still off, supplies are scare, and residents and local volunteers are struggling to distribute aid (although they did come up with some innovative ways thanks to NYC Marathoners), and now it is snowing. After any disaster, one of the first things that goes racing through my mind is how can I help? So to that end, here is a round up of some of the ways to provide assistance and relief.


More often than not, checking, packaging, shipping, and distributing items randomly given by well-meaning individuals to people who need them is a logistical nightmare, so non-profits just don’t do it. It’s easier to open their coffers and buy what’s needed instead. Donating unsolicited goods, even non-perishable foods and clothing, can take much-needed volunteers and resources away from the disaster response. Stick to cash, or check with your favorite charity to see what they’re looking for.

  • That situation can be seen in the video below, where the good intentions and generous donations from Casey Neistat and Sean Avery, seem to burden the already overwhelmed volunteers

Mobile phones and mobile charging stations are becoming an essential part of disaster relief and recovery efforts


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