Remembering Challenger

27 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff, killing the seven member crew. Here is a short Storify I put together to remember the day.
  1. ad astra per ardua RT @NASA: Remembering the Challenger crew. The NASA family lost 7 of its own on 28/1/86
  2. The #photography side of my brain still can’t get over these photos. NASA’s darkest moments – #Challenger
  3. When Challenger exploded 10 miles up I lost friends, colleagues. Our nation lost heroes. In their spirit we keep exploring.
  4. S. Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, Teacher in Space #challenger
  5. Remembering Concord’s own Christa McAuliffe & the heroes who were lost aboard the #Challenger 27 years ago today.
  6. Today honors the life and death of Christa McAuliffe. “Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can.” ~ Christa McAuliffe
  7. This Day in History: 1/28/1986 – The Challenger explodes after takeoff, killing all 7 crew members including WA-native Dick Scobee
  8. Ellison S. Onizuka (Lt. Col. USAF), Mission Specialist #challenger
  9. Today we mark 27 years since the #Challenger disaster took the life of the first #Jewish female astronaut Judith Resnik.
  10. Remembering Challenger astronaut Ronald McNair, the multi-talented kid from South Carolina who dreamed of going to…
  11. As with any great tragedy many people have strong memories of where they were when it happened, and somehow sharing those memories becomes a part of the story. I am not sure how reliable my memory is but I am quite sure that one of my first memories is watching television with my Mom and seeing the Challenger explode. I was probably too young (23 months old) for this to be an actual memory, but it is so deeply ingrained I feel that it might be. It seems to be a first memory for others as well.
  12. Challenger was lost 27 years ago. Probably my earliest memory.
  13. Weird, one of my first memories was of the Challenger showing up on tv in the middle of my viewing of Seseme Street as a kid.
  14. #Challenger I watched it from outside of my elementary school. It is burned in my memory. Also the first time I watched the news…
  15. I was age 3, in the backyard with Mom, and watched the #Challenger blow up. Yes, I remember it. #SadDay
  16. Remember getting news in 4th gr class. I’m as old as the teacher on board was. MT @borenbears: 27yrs ago this moment. #Challenger. Remember
  17. 27th anniversary of Challenger explosion. I’ll never forget it. My babysitter made me turn off Empire Strikes Back to watch the coverage.
  18. Hard to believe it’s been 27 years since the Challenger fell from the sky. The @ChicagoBears had just won the Super Bowl & I was home sick!
  19. The footage is hard to watch. Remembering those on this day #challenger
  20. Rather then remembering the Challenger as an explosion in the sky, I think it is better today to remember Challenger with the image below.
  21. We will never forget the last time we saw them…as they slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.

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