By 2050…

There is something about the year 2050 that is appealing to futurists, policy makers, and scientists alike. The year shows up in the title of hundreds of books, countless press releases, and news articles, as the year that things hit the fan. The predictions and estimates for the future tend to be heavy on fear mongering and doomsday thinking, which will not help build a solid future, and light on practical solutions or hope. Below is just a small sampling of some of the predictions from around the web for the World in 2050

The World Population will be Larger, and the Demographics will be different

In 2050, the population of the USA is expected to top

In 2050, the population of the USA is expected to top 439 million citizens, mostly in 11 mega-regions

As the global population swells, resource depletion will be exacerbated which will have drastic effects on the climate and the earth.

Environmental Outlook Not so Good

The challenges of the growing population and changes to climate will be very evident in terms of the food supply.

Food Security Will Be an Issue

  1. Increase funding for scientific and technological research to boost agricultural production and efficiency
  2. Develop scientific policies and institutions to deal with environmental degradation caused by population growth

Unfortunately there is opposition to many agricultural innovations, and a lack of political will to deal with environmental degradation.

It isn’t all bad news for 2050

It looks like the world is going to be an interesting and different place by 2050


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