Comedy in the Age of Social Media, Part 2

Last year I had a post about the Comedy in the Age of Social Media, where I discussed twitter and podcasts as a way for comedians to reach a larger audience. Today I stumbled upon these PBS Off Book videos that look at the world of viral videos, internet comedy, and webcomics, that further explore the new ways we are consuming comedy

Having more comedy available to us is great, because even though laughter might not be the best medicine, it certainly does have its benefits. The benefits of laughter are nicely outlined on Mind the Science Gap;

  1. Increase pain tolerance and improve overall pain management.
  2. A small study have found that laughter and exposure to comedic films can be linked to lower postprandial (i.e. after a meal) blood glucose levels, and that the reduction is even greater for persons with diabetes.
  3. Several studies have detected an inverse relationship between sessions of laughter and the amount of the “stress hormone” cortisol in test subjects’ blood (more laughter = less cortisol)
  4. Multiple researchers found that watching comedic films relaxes arteries and improves blood flow, while watching dramatic or unsettling films has the opposite effect.
  5. No side-effects are associated with comedy, not even puns!

So have a little chuckle today, it’ll do you some good.


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