Round-Up Ready: Cicada Edition

In a neat coincidence, my Grandma and I were both 12 years old the first time the 17-year periodical cicadas, Magicicada Brood II,  emerged. For her they have since returned 5 times (she is 97!), for me, only once. Below is a quick round up of cicada related links.

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1 thought on “Round-Up Ready: Cicada Edition

  1. I was recently promoted to the position of “Doomsayer” on my ultimate team…so I’ve needed to build some legit street cred. Conveniently, I’ve been using this occurrence (amongst others) as evidence of the resurgence of biblical plagues. The cicada clockwork re-emergence isn’t just an amazing and unique lifecycle, its great resume material!

    Also, thanks for the Magicicada and Radiolab links, they will help me plan my trip to NYC so that I don’t miss them!

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