Round Up Ready: Asparagus Edition

With June coming to an end, we are approaching the sad end of asparagus season here in Ontario. I had my first Asparagus of the season back in April while in San Francisco, it was fresh from the farmers market, and perfectly grilled on the BBQ. Grilled is without a doubt one of the best ways to eat asparagus, and below is a round up of some of the other great ways we’ve enjoyed asparagus this season.

1. Straight up raw

Fresh bunch of asparagus

2. Pickled, is an excellent way to ensure you enjoy Ontario asparagus year round, a great recipe can be found here, but definitely play around with it to suit your tastes. The batch pictured below had garlic, mustard seeds, pepper corns, red pepper flakes, fresh dill, and a lemon slice. Spicy pickled asparagus make great garnishes for Caesars.

Pickled asparagus

3. Pan-fried with a poached egg, pretty self explanatory, fresh pepper and Bacon Salt really helped to compensate for the slightly over cooked egg.

Pan fried with a poached egg

4. Asparagus risotto, a slight modification of this recipe, instead of chicken stock, we used vegetable with a couple of stalks of asparagus pureed into the stock.

Asparagus risotto

5. Asparagus antipasto, this jar of Barrie’s Farm Asparagus Smokey Antipasto was bought in Grand Bend at Foodies, and was a great side for a raclette brunch.


6. Potato salad, we modified this recipe, opting not to roast the potatoes as our apartment was already roasting

Potato and asparagus salad

7. Pasta primavera, this was just a quick pre-frisbee meal with sauteed vegetables tossed in with pasta

Asparagus with pasta

8. Asparagus Tart, we have previously tried this recipe with tomatoes, and it held up nicely with asparagus.

Asparagus tart

9. Bacon wrapped asparagus, like most foods, asparagus can be a great vehicle for bacon

Asparagus wrapped in bacon

Hope you have enjoyed these tips, happy eating.

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